Join us for an enlightening exploration into the world of technology in coaching. Enjoy panel discussions, workshops, and demonstrations. Take the opportunity to network, share knowledge, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the future of coaching in the digital age.

Join us for an enlightening exploration into the world of technology in coaching. Enjoy panel discussions, workshops, and demonstrations. Take the opportunity to network, share knowledge, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the future of coaching in the digital age.

Day One

Gina Lodge, CEO and founder of World View Mentor

Gina Lodge is CEO and founder of World View Mentor. Gina is a trained coach and mentor with over 20 years’ experience in the coaching sector as Marketing Director and then CEO of the Academy of Executive Coaching. Gina is a Fellow of the Association for Coaching, and (AC) UK, Africa and India Chair, as well as UK Co – Chair of the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

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Carol Braddick, Tech Workstream Co-lead, Future of Coaching Collaboration

Carol Braddick is co-leader of the Tech Workstream of the Future of Coaching Collaboration, a UK working group that brings together organisational buyers and market providers of tech-enabled coaching services, representatives of coaching professional bodies and coaching Supervisors to explore technology for coaching. She actively follows the market to support the coaching community on its learning curve about new providers, products and platforms.

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Emma Weber, CEO/Founder of Lever – Transfer of Learning

Emma Weber, is the CEO/Founder of Lever – Transfer of Learning, has made it her mission in life to make a difference to learning transfer worldwide. Frustrated by the amount of learning which is wasted when it fails to make it across the knowing – doing gap Emma created the Turning Learning into Action™ methodology to solve that problem.

This coaching based methodology is deployed throughout 20 countries and in 12 languages by a talented team and Coach M, a conversational intelligence chatbot. Coach M is challenging the industry’s thinking of what’s possible in coaching and learning transfer.

Emma shares her passion and expertise through her writing – her first book ‘Turning Learning into Action: a proven methodology for effective transfer of learning’ was published by Kogan Page in 2014 and is excited to have her 1st co-written ATD press book launching this year ‘Designing Virtual Learning for Application & Impact.’

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Dr Tünde Erdös – Author and PhD in Business and Organizational Management

Tünde specializes in successfully dealing with complexity in New Work in organizations. Her approach is based on her internationally acclaimed process research in workplace coaching as well as 15+ years of experience in business and organizational management. Most recently, she has authored two articles about the light and shadow of AI in the age of democratisation of coaching in the Association for Coaching’s Coaching Perspectives magazine. Tünde has received the ICF Impact through Coaching Award 2023 and her chapter ‘Coaching the team in digital workplaces’ in The Handbook of Digital Coaching (eds. Passmore, J., et al.) will be out early 2024. Her motto: AI is being Ahead of Ignorance, Incompetence, and Inertia.

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Croía Loughnane, Health Coach and PhD Scholar

Croía Loughnane is a Personal and Management Coach with a background in Psychology. Croía also has extensive experience delivering eHealth interventions as a crisis volunteer, platform supervisor for a Crisis Textline, and the RCSI Coach Connect project’s lead coach. More recently, Croía has been awarded the IRC Employment-based PhD. Program. Her project focuses on the feasibility and acceptability of digital health coaching in community settings and the fair and equitable use of AI and Machine Learning in digital health coaching. This project is funded by the IRC and in partnership with Empeal Ltd. And RCSI.

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Yaron Prywes, Certified Coaching Psychologist

Dr Yaron Prywes is a certified coaching psychologist specializing in visual coaching. His visual approach to coaching action plans was published in The Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal. He is working on a forthcoming book titled The Visual Coaching Handbook, which showcases an array of creative, field-tested coaching techniques.

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Nicky Terblanche, Coach and Creator of AI Coach, Vicci

Nicky Terblanche, PhD, is an executive coach and creator of AI Coach, Vicci. He is a Senior lecturer in Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa and regularly publishes in academic journals and presents at international conferences.

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Rebecca Rutschmann, Co-Founder, Evoach

Rebecca Rutschmann, evoach Co-Founder/CPO and accredited Business-Coach (PCC/SP), has 20 years of coaching & tech experience with expertise in AI-powered coaching, apps, leadership, and agile methodologies.

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Claudia Day, Co-Founder at The Growing Coaches and UK Leadership Team, Technology and Innovation in Coaching at the AC

Claudia Day is a coach and entrepreneur, co-founder of The Growing Coaches, part of the AC UK Leadership Team, with a masters in Coaching & Behavioural Change (Henley) and in Business and Administration (MIT). Her training includes MsC in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School and an MBA from MIT Sloan. She is accredited by the EMCC, and currently is part of the AC UK Leadership Team and in the advisory board of Vertinetik. She is also an editor and contributor of WeCoach – a collaborative project with the Henley coaching community.

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Day Two

James Bridgeman, Executive Coach and Consultant

James Bridgeman is co-editor of the Association for Coaching’s Coaching Perspectives magazine and is a coach, mentor, trainer-facilitator and leadership consultant with twenty years of experience in digital transformation, broadcast and journalism. He is the director of Bridgford Consultancy, providing executive coaching alongside people skills and leadership training. He trained as an executive coach while working for the BBC, coaching leaders there for several years before leaving to focus on executive and team coaching. He holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from the University of East London.

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Alex Haitoglou, CEO and Co-Founder of Ovida

Alex Haitoglou is CEO and co-founder of Ovida, the first AI platform designed to enhance the human elements of coaching. Using AI-generated data, video reviews, and human mentorship, Ovida improves coaching and communication skills. Ovida’s mission is to use AI and human expertise to enhance people and organizations’ communication potential. In collaboration with prominent academics, Ovida is used for training and research in businesses, coaching, and leadership training schools.

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Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes, MSc Programme Director, University of East London

Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes is an experienced coaching psychologist, supervisor, lecturer and consultant with an international reputation who helps individuals and organizations to flourish. She is a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society), BPS-Registered Applied Psychology Practitioner Supervisor (RAPPS), Master Practitioner Coach and Supervisor (EMCC) and Professional Certified Coach, Mentor and Supervisor (ICF).

She is currently the Programme Director for the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London. Andrea applies a creative and integrative approach to coaching clients and supervising individuals and groups by conveying the power of arts, coaching, and positive psychology.

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Sam Isaacson, Founder, Coachtech Collective

Sam Isaacson is an enthusiastic coach, coach supervisor, and Coachtech thought leader. He writes a popular LinkedIn newsletter and has written books on coaching with technology, is the founder of the Coachtech Collective, a monthly gathering of coaches grappling with technology, and works closely with the ICF and EMCC Global. With a background in professional services and a disruptive coaching technology startup, he’s Chair of the UK Government’s Coaching Professional apprenticeship and is the first person to have delivered executive coaching in virtual reality.

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John Hill, Commercial Director at AoEC – The Academy of Executive Coaching

John Hill is an accredited Systemic Team Coach and Executive Coach working with leaders and senior teams, both in the UK and internationally. He has a background in the cut and thrust of the world of business, gained in global organisations, SMEs and start-ups, and moved into coaching and leadership development around 10 years ago. John is passionate about being an agent of positive change, drawing on his fascination with the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of people and organisations, which informs what makes them the way they are – and, perhaps most importantly, what they could be.

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Olivier Malafronte, Certified Individual & Organization Coach Consultant

Olivier Malafronte is a passionate coach, researcher and entrepreneur who is pioneering human competence development with disruptive coaching technologies. After spending the last six years in researching and testing technologies for coaching scalability, personal and professional development, he is now developing scientific research to help technologies improve their quality as well as contribute to the coaching and leadership development within organizations and the education system.

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Jonathan Passmore, Professor of Coaching and Behavioural change at Henley Business School

Jonathan Passmore is professor of coaching and behavioural change at Henley Business School and SVP EZRA Coaching. He has been connected with the AC since 2004, and over the past 20 years has contributed 40 books and over 100 scientific articles to the field of coaching, including ‘Excellence in Coaching’, Leadership Coaching’ and ‘Diversity in Coaching’. Prior to his current roles he has worked for CoachHub, PWC, OPM and IBM. He is a chartered psychologist and holds five degrees.

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Woody Woodward, Clinical Assistant Professor and Program Lead, MS in Executive Coaching & Organizational Consulting at New York University

Woody Woodward started his career as a human resources consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and then became a project manager with IBM Global Business Services in Washington DC before pursuing a PhD in psychology. In 2005 Dr. Woody founded the consulting firm Human Capital Integrated (HCI) to focus on helping new managers and seasoned executives find their sweet spot and develop as leaders. Since launching HCI he has worked with such clients as Bacardi, SAP, Grey Goose Vodka, Century 21 Real Estate, VMware, The Miami Herald, and Ernst & Young. Dr. Woody currently serves on the board and as a faculty member at the Florida International University Center for Leadership in Miami where he works with high potential talent and hard-charging C-suite executives. Dr. Woody is also on faculty with the Institute for Management Studies where he travels the country training budding new managers from major companies including BOSE, McDonald’s, Verizon, Liberty Mutual, and NASA.

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Moritz Sudhof, Principal Machine Learning Engineer, BetterUp

Moritz Sudhof, an AI technologist and entrepreneur, currently leads the development of AI-enabled products as Director of Engineering at BetterUp. Holding a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford, Moritz has authored influential research on emotion and politeness in language and collaborated on AI research with institutions such as Stanford University, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and the Federal Reserve. Passionate about using AI to foster empathy and understanding, Moritz led development of the first AI-enabled employee engagement solution as Chief Data Scientist at Kanjoya and then Principal Data Scientist at Ultimate Software (now UKG). Most recently, Moritz co-founded Motive Software, a company dedicated to helping organizations leverage language data to better understand and support their people. Moritz served as CEO until BetterUp acquired Motive in 2021. Now, he’s excited to participate in building a future where AI responsibly helps every coach, and every person, be their best.

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